About Us

MBA Fakhro Group is a global innovation focused network of inter-dependent startup studios and research & development labs. A large number of businesses, apps, innovations, inventions and franchises have been created (or are in the pipeline to be) at our studios and labs. According to Wikipedia, a “Startup studio, also known as a startup factory, or a startup foundry, or a venture builder, is a studio-like company that aims at building several companies in succession. This style of business building is referred to as parallel entrepreneurship.” While our focus is on technological progress and on developing our own proprietary progress, we also found franchises or distribute or implement products for global franchisors and manufacturers in non-technology fields. These non-technology endeavors include projects we have founded in areas such as education, health, hospitality, and trading.

We rarely found a business unless we feel it can somehow contribute to improving the lives of the people of the world. Our Research and Development department is constantly at work around the world to find inventions and innovations that contribute to making the world a better place. We do not engage in business activities that we view as being unethical, immoral, illegal, or harmful. Business activities that we do not participate in include 1) bribery or fraud, 2) production or sale of alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, or firearms, 3) usury or gambling, and 4) prostitution or human trafficking.

If an invention or innovation that we devise shows promise, or if we feel a franchise or trading relationship meets our criteria in terms of business philosophy and return on investment, then we form a wholly owned subsidiary company to own the proprietary information, recruit a great team, and invest a maximum of 250,000 US Dollars in that business. Over a period of five to ten years, we then either 1) Bring on outside investors through Venture Capital and subsequently (circumstances permitting) an Initial Public Offerings, 2) Sell the business, or 3) Keep it wholly owned, if it does not require a capital increase and serves a strategic long-term purpose. Unfortunately, in the start up game, some businesses shut down, and our group is not immune to this business reality. We do shut businesses down if failure is the best financial option.

We found and then grow businesses across the globe at our startup studios located in Bahrain (Middle East), Kerala (India), Bengaluru (India), Silicon Valley (USA), Shenzhen (China), and Cape Town (South Africa). We also operate smaller studios in Singapore, in Mauritius, and in Cambridge (England).

The nature of our businesses means that we will ultimately hold stakes in exciting companies across the world. The vision is for these companies to be united in their “DNA” at the time that we “create” them, by their ideas towards business success. They will be united by the underlying belief (and basic economic principle) that success in business is achieved only if it results in improving the lives of customers, by offering them superior long-term value, thereby maximizing their utility.

MBA Fakhro Group holds, at its essence, a sense of its commitment to give back to the community by investing a part of its profits towards improving the lives of the people of the world. MBA Fakhro Group is owned by Mo Fakhro, a Stanford graduate (pictured above).