Business Name: NotArranged

Year Founded: 2017

Current Valuation: N/A

Current MBA Fakhro Ownership: 100%


Business Overview: NotArranged is an under-development app focused on linking single people together and to celebrate their right to choose a partner.  It aims to make use of face recognition and location technology to match people in real time in the real world.  Simply point your camera on a person you are interested in getting to know and get their details and if they are single, married, etc. If you like the person or would like to get to know them you can add them as a friend.  You can get to know if the people in your college class or office are available or not before you potentially embarrass yourself by asking them.  You can also scan the area you are in to find similar users to add.  NotArranged can also be used as a traditional dating app to match you with people.